My Chemo Costumes

As part of owning my cancer experience and infusing fun into twelve not-so-fun chemo infusions, I wore a costume to each treatment (except the first one, because the idea hadn't sparked yet, although I dressed up later that afternoon).

Enjoy the collection!

Steampunk Gal

Steampunk Dorothy Gale
(Wizard of Oz)

Glamorous Gollum Costume
(Lord of the Rings)

Steampunk Dalek
(Doctor Who)

Princess Tatterhood

Renaissance Faire

Beatrix Kiddo
(Kill Bill)

Hermione Granger
(Harry Potter)

Seventh Chemo Costume
Fourth Doctor
(Doctor Who)

Eighth Chemo Costume
Pretty in Steampunk

Ninth Chemo Costume
Capt'n Pink Beard

Tenth Chemo Costume
Kaylee Frye 

Eleventh Chemo Costume
Kermit the Frog Princess

Twelfth Chemo Costume
Katniss Everdeen
(The Hunger Games)