Friday, June 6, 2014

My Second Chemo Treatment: Steampunk Dalek

Second chemotherapy infusion COM-PLE-TED!!!

Pre-Chemo Shenanigans
Ready to EXTERMINATE cancer!
(I know, too easy.)

For those who aren't familiar with Doctor Who, stop reading and go watch it. Right now! Seriously!

(Many cheesy, thrilling, plot-twisty, scary, poignant, heart-warming, fun episodes later...)

All right, by now you are familiar with Daleks, one of the scariest villains in the universe:

And now that we're on the same page, we can proceed with my second chemo adventures.

After the Great Belly Button Fiasco of May 2014, my oncologist declared me fit to resume treatment. Although my first treatment was nearly a month ago, in actuality we are only two weeks behind schedule, and I'm only one day behind with this post. 

Extermination takes a long time.
Each infusion lasts at least three hours.
My best friend of 12 years, Jasie
came from Louisville to visit me for a week.
She was the first person to introduce me to Doctor Who.
Although I resisted for many years, I 
eventually got hooked.
Twenty minutes to go. Perfect for a power nap.
As soon as my three hour chemo session finished, we drove home and prepared to relax for the rest of the evening. That is, relax as much as possible. I actually ate a decent dinner this time around! 

Of course, having four intense chemicals pumping through one's body has a tendency to make one feel wibbly wobbly, so I took an evening nap.

Later that evening, after I woke up, this happened:

Prior to my chemo session, Jasie and I had painted our fingernails. Several hours after chemo, we finished by adding a clear 
protective top coat. Bad idea. The fumes made me sick for at least an hour. My tummy teetered on the edge of being nauseous, but couldn't quite tip over, which I hope means my anti-nausea meds are working. (Yay!) While my room aired out, we retreated to the guest bedroom where Jasie was staying. The story has a happy ending: she comforted me and I got better! =)

Below are some post-video photos.
NOTE: I gave Jasie permission to take any photos, candid or not, with the understanding that I have full veto power and final say in what I post. It's really hard to take somber selfies without performing even just the teensiest for the camera.

See how lovely those nails are!
For uncensored version, click here.
Otherwise, just imagine two sarcastic thumbs up.

sickness sucks
Another quick siesta before I decide to work on blog posts at 11:30 PM. 
At 3:00 AM, I remember insomnia is a side effect of one of the chemotherapy drugs.
So I keep working until 3:25...4:10...4:45... to take a sleep aid, my 11th drug in 14 hours, and I have a 12th one to take this afternoon.

My only regret of the day: That I switched the Dalek manipulator arm and the blast gun! My inner geek is weeping like an angel! Oh well. I was never one for convention. I'm a special, ambidextrous kind of Dalek! Or one from a mirrolel dimension!

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