Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Recent Conversation with a Little Old Lady

Too funny / facepalm-worthy not to share.

The Set-up: Since shaving my hair, I feel perfectly confident venturing into public without a hat. (Eyeshadow and eyeliner, however, are a must.) This preferred method of dress has garnered quite a few head turns, second glances, and occasional stares wherever I go.

The Setting: Monday morning at the local grocery store with my mom. I feel nauseous from walking around and seeing all the food food food. Blech. I sit down at a table near the coffee kiosk. Mm! Coffee... Must have! I stand in line behind a little old lady and wait to order a frappuccino. The old lady glances at me, puts something in her cart, then turns around and strides up to me.

The following is a quick reconstruction of our conversation. If this truncated version makes either myself or the little old lady sound short or rude, I promise both of us were polite and cordial to each other. =)

Old Lady: I hope you don't think I'm rude for asking, by why have you shaved your hair?

Me: Well, I have cancer.

(I go on, blah blah blah, talking about cancer, explaining how not all my hair fell out so I shaved it...)

Old Lady: Oh good! I'm just glad to hear you haven't become one of those Hindus!

Me (*mental facepalm*): I don't see anything wrong with that if that's where I found my peace...

(I don't think she heard me. She had hearing aids and frequently had to ask me to speak louder when I talked about my hair loss.)

Old Lady: Do the cancer treatments make you sick?

Me: Truthfully, I can barely stand right now.

Old Lady: I know of a doctor in Texas who has a cure for cancer.

(She then gives me his name, several times.)

Old Lady: Look him up. I'm telling you, a cure. for. cancer. 

Me: Thank you for the info! I actually already have a doctor, and she and I get along great! I also feel blessed because I have one of the most curable kinds of cancer.

Old Lady (delighted): Good!

Me: Would you like to read my blog?

Old Lady: That's all right. You take care now!

Me: You too!

The entire conversation cracked me up.

I should have told her about my participation in the Festival of Colors at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Utah last year:

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