Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Nephew Remembers

Back in mid-January, my 3-year-old nephew and I were watching Guardians of the Galaxy at his house. In the opening scene, a young Star-Lord/Peter Quill visits his dying mother. When the scene showed her, my nephew pointed to the TV screen and exclaimed, "Manda! That's like you!" How observant.

Meredith Quill, Galaxy of the Guardians, Source

For the record, at the time, my hair looked like this:

Jump ahead to the first week of February. I have several apps on my phone to entertain my nephew. One of these is a hair salon in which you select a picture of yourself (or anyone) and create outrageous hairstyles: wash, dry, cut, buzz, grow, curl, straighten, color, add bows and hats, etc.

For example, I gave my nephew this make-over:

When it was his turn, my nephew took a lot of time styling my hair. He sat quietly and focused intently while I chatted with my sister. After several minutes, he tapped me on the shoulder and proudly showed me his creation:

At least it's better than Aunt Gollum.

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