Sunday, September 14, 2014

My (Now) 3-Year-Old Nephew and I Worked Things Out

Several months ago I posted about how my then-two-year-old nephew was mad at me because his Aunt Manda had changed. She had weird hair. She would rather sit on the sofa than play chase. Not fair!

The good news:

We get along better now!

Silly Faces!
Manda + nephews!

He likes my bald head. He has helped his mom shave my hair multiple times. He also likes giving me head rubs.

We play a modified version of chase. I pretend to be a ghost and slowly "float" around while he pretends to be a Ghost Buster or whatever and runs circles around me, the kitchen, and the living room.

We play with stickers and Legos. We watch movies together. And make popcorn! (He knows exactly where to find the popcorn in my kitchen. Every. Single. Time.)

We browsed through my costume collection and dressed up as pirates. He has tried on all of my wigs. 

We got matching Avenger temporary tattoos. He is the Hulk, and he assigned me Iron Man.

We made a volcano together. 

Baking soda + Expired apple cider vinegar = Fun Fun Fun!

I always spare a little energy to tickle him. He tickles right back!

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